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The country needs m new apartments by 2030. How many are needed near you?

The 2030 Demand

New research shows that demand for apartments is on the rise. Whether it's young professionals, couples, families or empty nesters, the country will see a demand for an additional 0 new apartment homes by 2030

Demand Is Rising
Population growth, immigration and changing lifestyle preferences mean more people will be living in apartments in the future. The challenge, however, is building the number of apartment homes to meet that growing demand.
Apartment Household Growth
Population Growth
Our Initiative
growing apartment demand
Delayed marriages, an aging population and immigration are increasing a pressing need for new apartments, to the tune of 4.6 million by 2030.
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Stacking up the Metros
Based on specific factors like local regulations and available land to develop, the Barriers to Apartment Construction Index ranks 50 metro areas on how hard it is to add new apartments. See how your city stacks up. Barriers to Apartment Construction Index is a HAS composite of methodology using the Wharton Residential Land Use Restrictions Index overall and the portion of it based on only the developable land sub-index. This index ranges from 19.5 (Honolulu, most difficult to build) to –6.0 (New Orleans, easiest to build) with a Metro average of 2.0.
Source: Hoyt Advisory Services; NMHC/NAA; U.S. Census Bureau.; Axiometrics, a RealPage Company
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